Name Email Phone
Anna ten Bensel [email protected] 651-276-1439
Bloom Racing Stable, LLC [email protected] 760-277-0926
Bluewater Sales LLC, Agent I [email protected]  
Brookdale Farm [email protected] 859-879-2093
Calumet Farm [email protected] 859-621-0467
Castleton Lyons [email protected] 859-948-3296
Checkmate Thoroughbreds LLC (Adrian Gonzalez), Agent [email protected] 805-720-5395
Corner Woods Farm [email protected] 859-621-3721
Crosswind Farm [email protected] 513-335-0009
Denali Stud, Agent I [email protected] 859-533-3831
Doug O'Neill, Agent [email protected] 626-353-2544
Eaton Sales, Agent [email protected] 859-421-7230
Garrencasey Sales LLC, Agent [email protected] 859-621-9185
Halcyon Farm [email protected] 859-421-8301
Harper Ridge Thoroughbreds [email protected] 859-486-9935
Hermitage Farm [email protected] 502-552-7966
Horseco Bloodstock, Agent [email protected] 859-621-9767
Hunter Valley Farm [email protected] 859-229-0826
Jeff Jackson [email protected] 918-289-3405
Keenel Ridge Farm [email protected] 859-983-0741
Kingswood Farm [email protected] 859-983-3519
KP Sales, Agent [email protected] 502-297-1732
Lane's End Farm [email protected] 859-873-7300
Legacy Bloodstock, Agent I [email protected] 410-349-7672
Lisa and Tim Turney, Agent [email protected] 859-621-3214
LNJ Foxwood Stable [email protected] 859-293-2676
Mt. Brilliant Farm LLC [email protected] 859-293-1991
Nardelli Sales, Agent I [email protected] 859-421-3547
Nentwig, Gevertz, Rochfort and Weiner [email protected] 760-715-1522
Northview Stallion Station (David Wade), Agent [email protected] 410-309-0826
Orlyana Farm [email protected] 352-414-6413
Paramount Sales [email protected] 859-621-7473
Ramsey Farm [email protected] 859-887-3200
Ridge Point Farm [email protected] 314-267-6447
Rose Hill Farm, Agent [email protected] 559-903-4391
South Point Sales Agency [email protected] 859-221-1809
Sterling Thoroughbreds [email protected] 484-602-0904
Taylor Made Sales Agency, Agent II [email protected] 859-447-1028
Threave Main Stud [email protected] 859-988-0200
Tommy Wente, Jr. [email protected] 817-202-0167
Valkyre Stud [email protected] 859-321-5395
Vinery Sales, Agent I [email protected] 859-351-3100
Watershed Bloodstock, LLC [email protected] 859-967-7008
Westbrook Stables, LLC [email protected] 859-983-1693
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